Specialization pays off, it is a value,” the Braia brothers declare convinced, “because it also allows us to be recognized by the market as competent and reliable. At the same time, it is important, within the same product line, to be able to offer more solutions to cope with new technologies and applications involving endothermic engines. “On the one hand expanding the range of Automotive Ignition Coils and Cables, on the other hand introducing product lines for new applications and entering new markets.”

Among the strategies implemented by Brecav, in fact, is the coil range with more than 600 references for applications on the most popular European and Asian brands. Brecav decided to develop an aftermarket line with Asian partners, which the Matera-based company manages through strict quality control, so that it can always guarantee 100 percent of all products manufactured. “This solution,” Angelo Raffaele Braia explains, “has also allowed us to be able to somehow protect our customers from potential cost increases due to the increase in raw materials and at the same time guarantee Brecav quality on products, also allowing us to open up to new markets.

“As part of our diversification strategies,” Angelo Raffaele continues, “we are also significantly developing the heavy vehicle line”.