“Mission First. People Always” has always accompanied our way of being and doing, carrying on the philosophy of our founder Eustachio Braia, says the CEO Antonio Braia, we think and create products and services of the highest quality for the welfare of our customers and their families, the spark in the combustion engine must be channeled, cared for and monitored with products of the highest quality for the safety and welfare of passengers. Our mission is the total quality for any product that carries the company brands: Brecav, Arp, Bream, Biparts. Wherever there is an internal combustion engine there is a spark plug cable or an ignition coil BRECAV!

We have added to the large production of ignition wire set for all types of engines powered by gasoline, gas, hydrogen, hybrids, the marketing and then the production of ignition coils. The ignition coils and pencil coils range currently in distribution is 500 items that represent 80% of the circulating in the markets of reference. In addition to the paper catalogs all Brecav products are present on the most important databases such as: Tec Alliance.