Let’s start from a general assumption, the high voltage electric current carried by igniotn wire set and direct ignition coils (or pencil coil) deteriorates at every single passage of the conductors.

The passage of the electric current does not depend on the number of kilometers traveled, but by the ignition cycles of the engine itself, so if we compare a vehicle that usually has an urban route and one that usually has a non-urban route, with the same number of kilometers traveled the first will have many more ignition cycles, ergo the wires of the spark plug cables and ignition coils will deteriorate in fewer kilometers traveled, says Paolo Braia, Plant Manager of Brecav Srl.

So we can say that modern technologies have extended the life of ignition cables and coils, but at the same time they are not eternal and their deterioration is not visible from the outside.

What happens if the ignition cables or the direct ignition coils, with the passing of the ignition cycles, do not perfectly conduct the current?

The deterioration of the conductors causes a slowdown in the transport of the high voltage (from 30K to 50K volts) and consequently the combustion chamber has more fuel/air mixture, you will feel a sort of hiccup or delayed acceleration of the vehicle, a loss of power, especially when overtaking, higher fuel consumption.

In case of serious problems with the product, electrical discharges may occur almost immediately after installation, or following a re-installation after maintenance of the spark plugs.

These may have been caused by poor extraction of the ignition cables or the coil with inappropriate tools that create micro lesions, with the passage of the ignition cycles deteriorate from the inside out.

cavo candela 06.5104

It is strongly recommended to change the ignition cables and the direct ignition coils every two years in case of vehicles that usually have an urban route, and after 50.000km for vehicles that usually have an extra urban route. The maintenance, for a spark plug change for example, must always be done with the appropriate tools to prevent micro-lesions to the outer protective sheath. And if you should notice a discharge when opening the hood, contact a mechatronics workshop immediately. We are dealing with high voltage and therefore you must pay the utmost attention to your own health and that of your loved ones.

The photo shows a perfect spark plug cable for CNG engines 06.5104 and its coil 206.007.

Article OE cavi Ford 1535417 Ford 1535419 Fiat 55195775 Fiat 55195776

Article OE bobina Fiat 55200112, Fiat 55200486, Fiat 55208723, Fiat 55228006

cavo candela 06.5104 e bobina 206.007